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Stacey Dash is known to be candid when it comes to politics, but the Clueless star is now getting candid about the moment she pulled out a gun on the man who raped her.

During an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, the FOX News contributor opened up about being abused by an ex-boyfriend for several years. “I didn’t feel like I was a person,” Dash said. “I was so starving for love, that I held on. Some of the time he took care of me, and I got [beaten up] in order to have those moments.”

According to the actress, the ex stalked and abused her even after she had moved on and had a child with another man. The 49-year-old then explained that her accuser had raped her while her son, now 25, was sleeping in his crib. “He had a gun to my head and I thought, ‘My son is in that crib right there,'” she said.

Dash added, “[I thought], ‘No you are not going to do this. My son’s life was more important to me than my own.'”

Per the actress, she was ready to take control for the next time the alleged rapist came back. And sure enough, when he attempted again, she shot. “I wanted to kill him,” recalls Dash, “but it scared him away.”

“A gun saved my life,” she explained. “That’s why my Second Amendment right will not be taken away from me.”

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