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Mike WiLL Made It and Rihanna dropped a hot new track on Thursday night and just like Mike WiLL” warned”, it is fire! Seriously.

“Nothing Is Promised,” the first single off the producer’s album, Ransom 2, is definitely going to be the summer track to beat. “I warned y’all we was taking over the game,” Mike WiLL Made-It wrote on Facebook after dropping the song.

In July 2015, MWMI released a 15 second teaser of the audio that alone had fans super excited. “New [fire emoji] w @Rihanna OTW!” the producer wrote almost a full year ago. ” Who thinks they’re ready?”

On the near three-minute track, Badgalriri sings about traveling to France. “Shoppin’ in Paris / We gon’ go shoppin’ in Paris, n*gga / They can’t even compare us / They can’t even compare us, we’re rarer than n*ggas / Rarer’ than n*ggas / I never did mention that she ain’t comin’ / That sh*t ain’t common / We swimmin’ in money, we drownin’ in hundreds / I keep a duffle bag on me like Tity Boi and Dolla / Bruh we ain’t takin’ that weed, oh no / And if they don’t love me, f*ck whatcha talkin’ ’bout / I’m in love with the cash, I put that on my mama and father.”

After singing that “none of this sh*t promise, ain’t none of this promised,” the Barbadian beauty goes into the the second verse.

“Goin’ to France / We gon’ vacation in France, n*gga / Advanced n*ggas / Can’t nobody stop me, I’m past n*ggas / I’m past my limit / I’m drunk and I’m blowin’ a whole lot of gas, n*gga / Ten million in cash / Put up in a stash, it’s under my mattress / I put the money in the ground like my n*gga Frank Luke / Got a turbo Porsche and I don’t even move it / I’m back on the green its so hard not to use it / I’m continuously winnin’, my n*gga, I can’t see me losin’.”

The track is only available on iTunes now. Check out a snippet below.

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