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Major Key Alert: DJ Khaled Talks About Shooting HIs Album Cover With A REAL Lion



With gorillas, gators and hyenas going HAM on people lately, you would think the last thing anyone wants to do is potentially provoke a lion. But, leave it to DJ Khaled to take the risk and come out alive.

The Snapchat savvy producer just dropped the cover art for his upcoming album Major Key and in the photo Khaled is luxuriating in a garden with a “pet” lion — a REAL lion, that is. So, of course, when we caught up with the DJ we had to ask him how he and the lion made it work. “Me and the lion, we got a certain connection … we focused,” Khaled told our cameras. “He was very friendly and very humble and I appreciate him being in my photo shoot. He got the “Keys”!”

And speaking of Keys, Khaled also just dropped the video for his single “I Got The Keys” featuring Jay Z and Future. But, of course, it’s only on Tidal. Check it out HERE if you have a membership.

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