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Kevin Hart Debuts “Jacka$$” House Burglar On IG: “We Are On Yo A$$ Man”



Kevin Hart is hoping his fans on social media can help track down the “jacka$$” who broke into his Tarazana home last week and stole 500k worth of personal items.

The comedian took to Instagram on Wednesday morning and posted a snapshot of the burglar taken from security cameras. The Central Intelligence star blasted the burglar and further insisted he will be found.

“Here is a picture from the security cameras of the jackass that’s been robbing houses,” he wrote. “Real smart move wearing the cool ski mask that shows ur eyebrows & the bags under ur eyes. We are on yo ass man.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 9.28.40 AM

He continued, “I’m about to show u the power of social media….One of my followers might recognize u and might not like you which would mean that they could careless about giving u up….Lets play a game of tell on the robber real quick…who knows I might get lucky!!!!!”

HipHollywood can confirm that while Hart was in Miami, an intruder broke into the home by way of a back door and stole watches, jewelry, clothing and other personal items. Nobody was home during the burglary.

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