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Is Zoe Saldana Really A “Difficult B*tch?”



Zoe Saldana is stunning, sweet and a phenomenal actress, so you might be surprised to learn she was once called a “difficult b*tch.”

The 37-year-old opened up about being labeled a b*tch during a recent interview with Allure magazine. According to the July covergirl, it happened while she was filming a movie. Although not naming names, it’s speculated that Saldana was talking about a producer from her 2010 flick, Losers.  

“A producer said, ‘I hired you to look good in your underwear holding a gun,'” Saldana said. “I was told walking into this project that they really wanted me for the part, and that any input or ideas I had to please share them.

She continued, “That’s what I was doing, and this producer was so bothered by the fact that he had to disrupt his vacation to call me and tell me to stop being a difficult b*tch. I thought, ‘Wow, it’s real. It really happens.'”


Aside from speaking out about sexism in the entertainment industry, the beauty also opened up about leaning on celebrity moms after giving birth to her twin boys, Bowie and Cy. “We were all reaching out to each other,” she said. “I got an email from Jessica Alba—who I only know from conversations in the bathroom at events—saying, ‘Hey, congratulations.”

She continued, “That love and support from the network of women around you, it made me really… I get emotional because if we continue to do that, we will be unstoppable. As opposed to nitpicking at each other for arbitrary things such as weight and hair color and purses. It’s such fucking minutiae when there are bigger issues that we have to be talking about, like equal pay and equal rights,” she explained.

Read the full article here and be sure to pick up the publication’s July issue.

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