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Hands down, Kelly Rowland is one of the sweetest people we have ever interviewed. Every single time, she is just so genuine and kind. But don’t let the smooth taste fool you, Kels is about that clap back life when it comes to interviewers who just don’t know their place. Luckily, we’ve never been on the receiving end of her shade, but other’s have not been so fortunate. So, when we caught up with Rowland during BET Weekend, we had to ask her about her feisty alter-ego that’s been popping up lately.

You may remember recently when Kelly made some morning news appearances to promote her collaboration with Claritin allergy medicine. In one interview in particular, the reporter had trouble staying on topic and instead asked the “Motivation” singer multiple questions about Beyonce’s “Lemonade” album. Of course, the ever so gracious Kelly remained kind but subtly clapped back when the interviewer couldn’t take a hint. “I learned it from Solange, she’s the best at it,” Rowland revealed to HH. “It’s one of the things, many things, I admire about her.” But, for Kelly it’s also about not being treated like a doormat. “It’s also about demanding your respect because people will run all over you, and I ain’t here for that…and if they have something to say -uck them.”

Slow clap for Kelly Rowland!!! Don’t come for her, unless she sends for you!

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