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All it took was one “mother-f*cker” and 50 Cent landed in jail!

That’s right, while performing at a local music festival in St. Kitts on Sunday, the rapper let an MF (and we’re sure a few other choice words) slip and that was all she wrote. Apparently, profanity is not allowed on the island and is a violation of their “Small Charges Act”. After his performance, Fiddy and his crew were detained.

But, not for long. According to PageSix, “They were released on bail before they appeared in front of a judge on Sunday. They paid a fine and were allowed to leave for the United States.”

It’s pretty unfortunate situation, though. Especially since the music mogul wasn’t supposed to perform in the first place. Another act didn’t show up so Fif agree to step in their place. When they told him cursing was a no-no, he told them that he wouldn’t be able to perform. But, they came to a compromise — as long as he could pull the mic away from his face when performing so the curse words weren’t audible then it would be fine. Unfortunately, this method didn’t work.

Looks like he’s taking it all in stride though. He posted this comic relief on Instagram…

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 10.00.25 AM

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