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For all your Voice fans, Monday’s season finale was going to be one hell of a show.

The team over at the singing competition show managed to pull together a duet with Christina Aguilera and a Whitney Houston hologram. But here’s a little tip, you can stop holding your breaths.

Aguilera was set to perform a plethora of Whitney’s songs alongside the late singer’s hologram, but on Thursday, after a video leaked of the apparent duet on Facebook, it was reported that the performance was pulled from the program. But what happened?

Sources close to the production told TMZ that Whitney’s estate wasn’t pleased with how things looked. Apparently, the estate didn’t think the hologram looked like the late singer. However, Aguilera was simply perfection.

According to the report, until a visual effects artist can nail down Houston’s facade, we won’t be seeing a duet anytime soon.

Dang, that would’ve been amazing.

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