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Move over Wayans brothers, Ellen DeGenere is officially the master of spoofs.

DeGeneres is always up on pop culture, so it’s not surprising that she and buddy, comedian Wanda Sykes decided spoof Beyonce’s Lemonade. “You know HBO took it off the air because you could only really see it once or twice. And Beyoncé was very upset,” she told DJ tWitch before showing the clip. “Did you see me in it?”

In the visual, Ellen can be seen sitting in a car while watching Beyonce smash a few car windows in. But it was the reference to Becky with the good hair that really turned the spoof up a notch.

And who other than to play Becky with the good hair, rather Becky with the good weave? Wanda Sykes.

Ellen has done a number of spoofs and one that will always go down as one of the best, her version of Nicki Mina’s Anaconda video.

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