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There’s a good chance Khloe Kardashian gets hit on by men [and probably women] multiple times a day. So for all you ambitious folks out there hoping to date the reality star, here are a few tips on what not to do.

Khloe took to her app on Monday and shared two major things she hates when getting picked on. First: Don’t send the beauty alcohol to her table.

“Whenever I’m in Vegas with Malika and Khadijah [Haaq], guys try to pick us up by sending bottles of champagne to our table. It’s nice, but honestly I’d rather buy my own,” Khloe explained. “If we accept the drink, it never ends there – the guys always want something else. They want to sit with us or dance with us and I don’t like feeling obligated to anyone.”

She added, “I don’t use men for alcohol, LOL. I can take care of myself!!! I know, I know – champagne problems.”

And two: Don’t mistake her for her other two famous sisters, Kim or Courtney.

“Pickup lines are so corny and cliché, too,” Khloé dishes. “A guy will usually come up to me and say something like, ‘Oh my god, you’re the prettiest one, Kourtney.’ I’m like, ‘Uhhh, CLEARLY you have no clue who I am.’ It happens to Kourt all the time as well.”

So folks, at Khloe’s request: “If you’re trying to pick me up in a club, please don’t confuse me with my sisters, LOL.”


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