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There has been a major twist in the shooting that took place during T.I.’s concert in New York earlier this week.

On Wednesday, shots rang out inside Irving Plaza, killing one and injuring three others. Of the injured, Troy Ave, who was shot in the leg. As for the victim who lost his life, Ave’s buddy, Ronald McPhatter aka Banga.

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Initially, law enforcement did not have a description of any suspects, but thanks to surveillance video, officials were able to pinpoint a main suspect.

NYPD released a video of Troy opening fire inside the green room area on the third floor of the venue before shooting himself in the leg.

In the clip, you see McPhatter walk in behind Troy and then run away after the rapper started firing.  It’s also still unclear if Troy intended to shoot and kill McPhatter, who according to Banga’s mother, has known her son since junior high school.

According to reports, Roland Collins, the rapper’s legal name, had an issue with Maino who had just exited the stage when the shooting occurred. Were the shots meant for him?

Roland has been charged with attempted murder and illegal weapons possession.

Click to see video and images of Troy and Banga together.

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