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The Internet went wild on Thursday after Jhene Aiko and John Mayer revealed they were starting a group together!

Aiko posted a video on Instagram of she and Mayer in the studio and explained that after much consideration, they are naming their group John 3:16.

I’ll be honest, instantly, I thought maybe they were becoming a gospel group considering John 3:16 is one of the most memorized versus in the bible. But according to Aiko, it’s much more simpler than that.  “I was born on March 16,” Aiko said in the clip. “And his name is John.”

Oh ok.

And while it’s wishful thinking the pair would become the next Jhene and Big Sean, my guess is it will remain a dream. However, it’s pretty obvious the pair is working on a song together. And to that I say … “Praise him.”

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