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Tyga must have Kylie Jenner believing her hood pass is comprised of rose gold or something because the reality TV star is being accused of dropping the n-bomb on a new song. On the track titled “Beautiful Day”, which is terrible we might add, Kylie or someone who sounds like her, can be heard delivering this jarring language:

“It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, I wish a f*ck n*gga world … we are so sorry.”

Black Twitter roasted Kylie over the line, some of the responses including:

But did Kylie really drop the n-bomb? Some are claiming that the person dropping the n-bomb is really Justine Skye or Jordyn Woods who are also on the song. Jordyn even took to Twitter to defend her BFF. 

But what part was Kylie’s ad-lib? You can listen to the track below. Things get controversial around the 3:00-minute mark.

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