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Former San Francisco Giants all-star Barry Bonds is taking to social media to blast a group of White students who attend a private school in Los Angeles. Those students were recorded on camera earlier this year rapping, “I’ll f*ck you b*tch, n*gga” while singing along to rapper A$AP Ferg’s tune, “Dump Dump.”

Bonds daughter Aisha also attends the private school with a hefty $37,000 a year tuition, prompting him to send out this tweet:

An anonymous source connected with the school tells NBC4 that while they do not approve of students using the N-word, it’s basically not that big of a deal. “It’s a small segment of the school that is making a big fuss over nothing … Some of the extreme activists on campus are calling singing along to a rap song a ‘hate crime’ or ‘hate speech’ but that is a load of hogwash.”

School officials say they take the matter seriously and are investigating it.

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