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Loni Love Posts Video Addressing Rumors She Had Tamar Fired From ‘The Real’



Loni Love is not here for the rumors and reports that she had Tamar Braxton fired from The Real. On Tuesday afternoon, after already posting a heartfelt message about Braxton on her Instagram page, Love took it a step further, and posted a 7 minute video on Facebook to set the record straight that she, nor her co-hosts, knew anything about the firing.

None of us found out about Tamar, until Tamar text us on Saturday, and it was Saturday afternoon. I remember because I was taking a nap, cuz I had to get ready for my two shows, and you know I have to take my nap. And I got a group text from Tamar and she said, I think, I heard, I’m being fired. First person to answer was Tamera. I woke up from my nap, I answered about an hour later. I immediately called her and I said what are you talking about. She did not pick up. I ended up texting her on the group text, and said please let me know what is going on.

On Saturday, after Braxton posted a cryptic message on Instagram, claiming she had been stabbed in the back, and would be leaving the show, many, including talk show host Wendy Williams, began pointing fingers at her co-stars, most notably Love.

On Monday during Wendy’s show she not only insinuated that Love leaked the news to blogger B. Scott, but also said she believed the other hosts, excluding Tamera, may have complained to execs to get Braxton fired.  Love, who had just appeared on Wendy Friday, addressed those remarks in her video saying:

I would not have done Wendy’s show, and Wendy you know this, you know me, Tamar knows me. I would not have come on the show, coming on there kiki-ing and hollering, if I had of known she was not going to be on season three. When we wrapped our show for season 2 we had a photo shoot, Tamar was apart of that. We were planning to go to Essence Fest, she was apart of that. There was no indication she was going to be let go, there was no group thing.

Love, also addressed Wendy’s comment that she leaked info to her good pal, blogger B. Scott, who reportedly broke the story:

I don’t know B. Scott, I have never met B. Scott, the only way I even know how he looks is through his blogs with that beautiful pretty picture of him, but I’v never met B. Scott, I don’t know him. I’m not the type of person to put out information, because I don’t know anything.

Loni did also say that she and Tamar are still dear friends, but have not spoken since news broke:

My concern is for Tamar. I am trying to give her some time, but I  will not stop calling her, I will not stop trying to get in touch with her. its just devastating for all of us, it’s a change and I don’t know why it happened and I don’t want to believe it. She has helped to build this show from the beginning and it was genuine.


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