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Lol … Pharrell & Adam Levine Have No Shame! What They Begged Of ‘The Voice’ Audience



It’s one of my main pet peeves: When audience members of a singing competition show clap off beat. It makes me cringe.

Well on Monday night’s episode of The Voice, coach Pharrell and Adam Levine made it very clear that it’s also their pet peeves.

While critiquing one of the singers’ performances, Pharrell first pointed out that the anxious audience has no rhythm.  “We have got to get some metronomes for our audience,” he said.

That’s when Levine chimed in with, “You guys are the worst clappers ever. I mean, legendary how bad that is. That’s the worst clapping ever.”

Pharrell had the final word and fired back, “It’s like catching mosquitoes!”

Whelp now you know, if you plan on attending a taping of The Voice, you better get your clapping skills down.

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