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Jussie Smollett: Listen To My Words, People … Here’s What’s Happening With ‘Empire!’



Jussie Smollett had Empire fans in a frenzy last week after he hinted via Instagram that he was done with the hit Fox show.

Following last week’s episode where Smollett’s character got shot, the actor wrote on social media:

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 6.23.53 AM

Jussie’s post became the topic of the week, leaving us all wondering: Is he done for good?

But on Wednesday, Smollett cleared up his post in a hilarious Instagram video alongside his friend and co-star, Gabourey Sidibe.

“First of all, I said I thoroughly I enjoy my time at Emprie Fox, which is true. I said I love you all, which I do. I said time to go make a record and some movies, which I am,” Jussie said.

That’s when Gabourey passionately chimed in, “Let me light that a$$ up with facts though … your timing was f*cked up.” Which Jussie, is true!

Needless to say, Jussie had no intention (or did he) in leading us all to believe his time with Empire was over. With that said, he will be back Season 3.

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