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Channing Tatum Took Home How Many Girls During His Stripping Days?



Channing Tatum got super candid during a recent interview on the new web series, Speechless with Carly Fleischmann about his sex life pre settling down.

Carly Fleischmann is a 21-year-old autistic journalist who is unable to speak, so uses a keyboard and electronic speaker to conduct interviews. For her first episode ever, Carly was graced with the presence of Tatum and stunning looks.

During the interview, Fleischmann asked the Magic Mike star: “I know you were a stripper growing up. How many girls at the end of your night would take you home?”

In response, Jenna Dewan Tatum’s husband admitted, “Some nights was more than others.” (Who’s mind instantly created scenarios of late night rendezvous?)

Carly went in with guns blazing and even prompted the actor to talk about sneaking out as a teen. “Rumor has it that when you were a child living at home, you used to sneak out of the house,” she said. “My question to you is what did you do? And did you ever get caught?”

“I never got caught,” Tatum answered. “I lived in a suburban neighborhood where there were all these woods and stuff so we would just sneak out at night, run around the woods …. Vandalized houses.”

Carly then asked the star what it’s like being an “attractive hunk” in Hollywood and whether or not it has played a part in people taking his craft seriously. “I find it hard to make people take me serious at all ever,” he joked.

Watch entire interview below.

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