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Azealia Banks Gets Shut Down By Twitter After Calling “Whiteness A Mental Illness”



Azealia Banks launched another racist rant via Twitter on Thursday and it was enough for the social media platform to give her the boot.

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Nearly 24 hours after being axed from a British music festival over her racist Zayn Malik tirade, the star’s account was suspended after tweeting that “whiteness is a mental illness.”

“And I’ve definitely been infected by whiteness. It makes me sick in my head and angry,” she tweeted. “To erase social construct and to de colonize myself. Because witness is a mental illness.”

She continued, “Scratch that, forgive humanity for the piece of sh*t it is. But because I need to disconnect and learn to forgive the world of the piece of sh*t it is. Now I’m going away not because I give a f*ck abut any of you.”

Banks is known to post ignorant, hurtful comments on Twitter, but it looks like her latest rant finally broke the camel’s back.

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