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HipHollywood can confirm that authorities have sealed the search warrant that will be conducted in the late Prince Rogers Nelson’s Minnesota estate.

According to court documents, obtained by HipHollywood, the warrant, which will allow cops to search Prince’s Paisley Park Studios, will be kept private until “commencement of any criminal proceedings or 180 days, whichever occurs first.”

The documents state that “due to Prince’s status of having been an iconic popular music superstar, there is and will be continued intense media scrutiny upon the manner and circumstances of Prince’s death.”

Court papers go on to state that the “premature disclosure of details” may “compromise” or “severely hamper” the ongoing investigation.

But what exactly are officials looking for?

Prince died last week at the age of 57 and since the popstar’s passing, there have been several rumors as to what led to his untimely death. According to several reports, Prince had been taking pain medication for his hip.

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