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We all know Eve is married to a white man, Maximilian Cooper, so does that mean she’s OK with him, or any other Caucasian for that matter, using the N-word? HipHollywood caught up with the rapper/actress during the junket for Barbershop: The Next Cut, and while playing a game of “Shop Talk” where she had to answer any question she pulled from our glass bowl, we found out her views on the matter.

“That’s a crazy one because hip-hop is everywhere and lots of white kids in suburbia grew up with hip-hop and they feel like hip-hop is theirs, and it becomes a word that they feel like they can say, its like the B-word,” explained the “Tambourine” singer. “It’s still shocking, when you hear it. It’s in a song, it’s not a word they are using, and it’s not done with malice, but it is shocking, we never like it do we … It’s like wait what you say? It’s hard!”


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