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Snoop Dogg took to Instagram early Monday morning to call out former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for reducing the sentence of Esteban Nunez, who was just released from prison after killing former San Diego college student, Luis Santos.

On Sunday, Nunez, the son of Fabian Nunez, former speaker of the state assembly and a political ally of Schwarzenegger, was released after his sentence was reduced from 16 years to seven years.

“Arnold Schwarzenegger is a straight b*tch, punk mother*cker,” Snoop said. “How the f*ck you gonna let this n*gga out of jail n*gga but you gonna kill Tookie Williams n*gga, cause homeboy was your friend.”

He continued, “You’s a b*tch, You’s a punk, Motherf*cker. I can’t stand you. You’s one motherf*ckin racist piece of sh*t. F*ck you Arnold Arnold Schwarzenegger. You got the right name n*gga.”

In October 2008, Nunez stabbed Santos while at San Diego State University after being denied entry into a party. Nunez went to prison in June 2010 to serve a 16-year sentence, but on Arnold’s last day in office in 2011, he dramatically reduced the sentence to seven years.

However, based on good behavior, Esteban was released after only serving six years behind bars.

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