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Clearly, we have learned nothing over the course of the past seven days. Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry is now the latest person extending the tired “Is it OK for White People to Wear Dreads?” debate after she posted this image on Snapchat.


“The fuckery. They love to mock our culture them copy,” one person wrote in the comments under Lowry’s image that she also posted on Instagram. “This sums u up perfectly – stupid,” another person added. That sentiment is analogous to what a pop singer experienced just days ago.

Over the weekend, Justin Bieber was persecuted on social media after he debuted a new dreadlock hairdo. And last week, a San Francisco State University student was berated on camera by a Black woman for rocking the hairstyle. But today, it’s Lowry
dealing with the critics who are calling her a “disgusting person” and “ignorant”.

As we have stated numerous times on our website, dreadlocks are not exclusively a Black hairstyle. They have been worn throughout history by people from all continents and cultures.

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