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We all know after a long night of drinking, there is usually proper protocol the morning after to cure any form of a hangover. But it turns out the same applies after a long night of sex.

Khloe Kardashian revealed on her app/website that the morning after hooking up with someone, there is a particular breakfast that is necessary … and it’s not what one would consider a hearty breakfast.

“The morning after a hookup is super flirty, especially when I’m newly dating someone. I love that energy!!!” she wrote. “Sometimes the fun from the night before is still going on in the morning, LOL, so when I wake up I’m all about staying hydrated with lots of water.”

“As far as breakfast goes, I’m just not hungry and definitely don’t want to pig out,” she explained. “I always make a breakfast that’s light and easy, something like fruit and granola. It’s not too filling and it gives me a burst of energy so I can enjoy the rest of the day with my boo!!!”

Khloe didn’t confirm who she might currently be sleeping with, but the reality star was most recently linked to French Montana and James Harden.

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