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Emory University student Malika Andersen is accusing Kanye West protégé Ian Connor of raping her. Connor is one of Kanye’s fashion collaborators, creatively directing a large portion of the highly successful Yeezy Season 3 rollout. Connor has also worked with A$AP Rocky and Wiz Khalifa and is on the cover of this months’s Exit magazine.

But now Connor is trying to save his reputation following an allegation made in a lengthy blog post published by Andersen. In that post, the young woman details how spending time with the fashion trendsetter back in 2014 took a turn for the worst:

The 3rd and last time we hung out I hit him up. He came to my crib in the morning and I figured we would just talk and chill per usual … But that isn’t what happened. We were sitting on my bed, just talking. and he asked if he could eat me out. I declined. And I told him I wasn’t trying to have sex. So he’s like okay. Then he asked again if he could eat me out. I said no again and he just kept asking. He was literally begging to eat me out and he said “we don’t gotta fuck, I just wanna eat it. I wanna eat your soul out girl” blah blah. And I was just like ‘nah I’m good’ but he kept begging. Eventually, I gave in. I said ‘fine you can give me head’. Then he said ‘lemme eat it from the back’.

So I layed on my stomach and pulled my pants down about halfway, the rest of my clothes were still on. He was fully clothed. He started to give me head. About 2 minutes later I felt his bare penis thrust inside of me. I was shocked and didn’t know what to do and then I pushed him off of me and I was like wtf. And he says ‘your p***y is wavy. We should’ve did this a long time ago. We could’ve been dating’ and I said ‘wtf I told you I didn’t want to have sex and you just did it…’ And he says ‘so you tryna say I raped you’ and at the time I hadn’t even processed what had just happened and I was like ‘I don’t know’. After that he left and said he was gonna text me.

I went to get tested the next day because nothing felt right about what happened. I was confused and in denial. On October 9th, I got my test results back and I found out he had given me gonorrhea. Curable. But still. I was devastated and that’s when it all finally hit me. I didn’t want any of what had happened but he just did it anyway and I had to deal with the consequences. He didn’t penetrate me with consent. He raped me. Once I accepted it, I told the man I was ‘talking to’ at the time what had happened. We were pretty serious so I thought I could trust him and I was also going through a lot and I just needed support. But instead of being there for me, he blamed me for it and told me it ‘wasn’t a real rape’ because I didn’t get snatched up off the street and I knew the person.

Connor took to Twitter to defend himself, saying the Malika is just making up a story for fame. “I get off the plane to hear the weirdest sh*t. I swear coming up is a curse. Money ain’t worth my name being sabotaged,” he wrote. “Ain’t no coincidence I make my first big magazine cover for a b*tch to make up allegations for her own self esteem purposes,” he continued.

Malika says she has spoken with detectives who are investigating her claim as well as those of other potential victims.

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