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Model/Reality star Jessica White is not here for Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna’s shenanigans today. After the two posted a photo of themselves on snap chat and instagram proclaiming they’ve been “friends the whole time”,  White sounded off on Instagram about their blatant disrespect for the death of legendary singer Prince.

Maybe I’m just overly sensitive today but as I write this with tears in my eyes Because my favorite artist just passed but Yall I want to just scream at the sheer disrespect shown to a great legend by @kyliejenner and @blacchyna and every news outlet that picks up this story. You couldn’t just wait for all your attention seeking antics that would be to much like right huh!? There’s a special place for people like you. This world of new humans have no respect for life or death.

Many of White’s followers also agreed that the two reality stars could have waited to post about their “friendship”instead of taking away from the media attention surrounding the legendary singers passing. What do you think were Chyna and Kylie  being attention seekers or just living their lives?


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