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The folks over at Bossip have dug up some old tweets published by Bella Hadid that have a lot of folks wondering if the model is racist AF. It’s hard to argue that a White woman dating The Weeknd is racist, but let’s examine the evidence.

Hadid wrote the now deleted tweets back in 2012. They include:

  • “Got all the black b-tches mad, ’cause my main b-tch vanilla.”
  • “Just stole a black man’s chicken. Oops.”
  • “#YouKnowYoureWhiteWhen you know all the correct lyrics to every gangster rap song ever made and sing every word except for n-gga,” someone tweeted to which Bella responded, “Guess I’m not white. #Awkward … You can see my freckles, n-gga.”

After reading the tweets, what’s your take? Is Bella racist or just immature?

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