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Is Nas The Newest Ghostbuster?



Contrary to a rumor making the rounds this morning, rapper Nas is not starring in this summer’s Ghostbusters reboot. The bogus rumor began circulating after a blog made the claim by posting an image of the rapper wearing a Ghostbusters uniform without researching the image.

As it turns out, Nas is actually partnering with Sony who is distributing the film to release a collaborative Ghostbusters clothing line through his HSTRY brand. “Ghostbusters is every fun thing you can think of when it comes to the imagination, when you think about the supernatural, paranormal activity,” Nasir shared in an interview with Hypebeast. “What kid doesn’t get inspired or intrigued by ghost stories?”

Nas says he’s always looking for other ways to generate revenue outside of music since the business has changed so much. “The music industry is going through a drastic change on every level [and] every aspect of it where there are new interesting ways to do things … Remember Sean Jean was a T-shirt and a baseball cap in my man’s Puffy’s office, and he was like wondering [if it] would work and look at it now. I like getting involved with things in the beginning stages and getting a vision for it and then going for it.”

The Ghostbusters reboot starring Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Melissa McCarthy hits theaters on July 15.

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