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Iggy Azalea is demanding some #respeck on her name and you will deal.

It all started when a Twitter troll hit Iggy with a “hey becky”, no doubt a nod to Beyoncé’s now infamous “Lemonade” lyric “Becky with the good hair.” But, of course, Azalea wasn’t having it and clapped back with a simple but stern, “don’t ever call me a becky.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 8.13.50 AM

That little back and forth exploded into a full lesson by the Australian rapper on what is and isn’t appropriate when referring to different races.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 8.12.49 AM

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 8.17.37 AM

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 8.16.34 AM

And, not to be outdone by Birdman, Iggy Igs demanded these blogs put some #respeck on her name.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 8.11.19 AM

Do you think Iggy has a point?

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