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See kids, drugs are bad … and they can cost you millions of dollars!

Ole Miss offensive lineman Laremy Tunsil was once projected to be one of the NFL’s top picks. We’re talking first pick, first round. But, just minutes before the Draft Thursday night, video of Tunsil allegedly smoking marijuana through a bong attached to a gas mask was uploaded to his Twitter account and blasted to his thousands of followers.

To say the video was damaging is an understatement. Immediately, Laremy began to free-fall through the draft picks and saw his hopes of going first, second or even third, slip right through his hands. Finally, the Miami Dolphins were his saving grace and snagged the University of Mississippi player with the 13th pick. Apparently, the Dolphins GM Chris Grier was aware of the video, but didn’t care as much about it as the other teams. It’s noted that the vid may be over two years old.

Now, being the 13th pick in the NFL is nothing to sneeze at, but it’s a far cry from being number one. With the Dolphins, it’s estimated that Tunsil could receive a contract worth about $12 million. But had he gone first in the Draft, he could have scored a number much higher — more like $25 million.

During the pos-Draft press conference, Tunsil was asked about the video and stated, “I just know I got hacked. We’re going to try to find out who did it.” He also offered up an apology on his Twitter page, but quickly deleted it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 9.57.28 PM

Annnnd to make matters worse, Laremy’s Twitter account also tweeted what looked like text messages from Tunsil and the Ole Miss Assistant Athletic Director, John Miller, where the footballer is asking his him for money for rent and bills. During the press conference, the newly minted Dolphins was asked about that as well and seemingly admitted to it. “I made a mistake,” Tunsil stated. “That happened.” When reporters pressed even further and asked if he had taken money from a coach, Tunsil said, ‘I’d have to say yeah.’

Maaaannnn, this dude is going to need all the luck in the world. Hopefully his career is all uphill after this.

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