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Exclusive: Kanye VS Trump: Celebrities Chime In On Who Would Win Hypothetical Presidential Race



Sunday night’s 2016 iHeart Music Awards had a handful of new categories, including Female Artist of the Year, Male Artist of the Year and Most Meme-able Moment.

As we know, memes became wildly popular this year and making the list of nominees, Adele and all of the “Hello” memes (Lionel Richie, Miss Piggy, Etc.), Drake and “Hotline Bling,” Katy Perry and the Left Shark (from Super Bowl 49), Kanye West and Kanye For President / Kanye 2020 and Taylor Swift’s “Crazy Girl” with Running Mascara (from “Blank Space” video).

Swift wound up nabbing the award for “Crazy Girl,” but while on the red carpet, it was “Kanye For President” that seemed to be the topic of conversation.

Given the ongoing controversy surrounding the current Donald Trump presidential campaign, HipHollywood asked a few stars who they thought would win a hypothetical election: Trump or West.

Voting on pure “homieship,” radio host Big Boy said he would vote for Kanye, however, the “world would still be a mess.” Meagan Good also explained she’d pull for Yeezy, but she’s “moving to Canada if it comes down to Trump and [Kanye].”

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