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Just call him “Queen of the night.” In his latest photo shoot, EJ Johnson is giving “The Bodyguard” steez and he wants everyone to know.

Queen of the night #thebodygaurd #teamthis

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Magic Johnson’s son has been gearing up for the premiere of his new reality show “EJ and the City” and in doing so, is serving and slaying all over his Instagram.

Meet the family #ejandthecity #teamthis

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The new reality show is set to premiere June 19th on E! and when we spoke to him he was excited to use the show as a platform to speak on several important issues. “I don’t like saying I’m the voice for anybody because I don’t like to have that pressure on me but when I feel passionate about something I speak on it,” EJ revealed.

The show will also feature EJ’s sister, Elisa Johnson, and Samaria Smith, LL Cool J’s daughter. But until it’s premiere let’s just remember some of EJ’s most enviable looks.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 5.38.26 AM

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