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Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea probably won’t be recording a duet anytime soon, but even Iggy is laughing off a malicious rumor involving her nemesis. Last month, someone leaked a recording of Los Angeles Laker guards Nick Young and D’Angelo Russell discussing Nick’s sexual exploits with women other than Iggy Azalea, his fiancée.

Russell, who secretly recorded the private conversation for reasons unknown to anyone with a brain, says he doesn’t know how the clip got leaked. Well, some people believe the recording ended up in the hands of a person in Nicki Minaj’s camp who released it to burn Iggy. The two women have had a well-documented feud over the years, with Minaj accusing the blonde singer of using ghostwriters.

Still, the notion that Minaj’s team leaked the tape is so ridiculous that even Iggy laughed it off when someone mentioned it to her on Twitter.

As for how the tape actually did get out, we’re told by the folks over at that D-Russell shared it with a friend and that friend sold him out.

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