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Mariah Carey is gonna learn today how White folks get about their animals. Over 80,000 people have signed a Care2 petition asking pop star Mariah Carey to refrain from including exotic animals in her upcoming wedding ceremony.

“She wants carnival rides and a giant circus with baby elephants, white tigers, jugglers, acrobats and clowns,” a friend of Carey’s allegedly told Women’s Day Australia. Mimi is engaged to James Packer, an Australian businessman and billionaire.

“Elephants and white tigers are decimated species and should be left alone and not used anymore as circus animals. Does she realize how traumatizing it will be for these baby elephants to be separated from their mothers and be shipped on a boat to her dream wedding?” writes Care2 petition author Catherine Gagnon. “If she is pouring money, why doesn’t she use it to protect elephants from ivory poachers instead of turning baby elephants into circus animals? How many will make it alive to her dream wedding, and will she pay to safely return them home after?”

Care2 members who have signed the petition cite the importance of respecting the boundaries and safety of wild animals.

“Please have a conscience and please don’t terrorise and mistreat wild animals, Mariah,” writes petition signer Susan Ashby-Wyatt of the UK. “You are better than that!”

“I understand you want your wedding day to be memorable, we all want to have something special in our weddings nowadays,” writes supporter Vanessa Martinez of Nebraska. “But please understand that animals are misused… and often their care is ignored to suit our decorative and entertainment needs.”

No word if Mariah knows who any of these people are (shout out to J.LO), or if she’ll listen to their petition.

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