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Dozens of celebrity women have been affected by breast cancer and one of the latest stars to be rocked by the disease, former supermodel, Janice Dickinson.

Dickinson revealed to The Daily News that she was diagnosed on March 12, 2016 after going to the doctors for minor stomach issues. “The doctor noticed it immediately,” Dickinson said.

“She [the doctor] said, ‘This doesn’t feel right.’ And she said, ‘We have to be real comprehensive with this and have it checked out.’ I’m always optimistic, initially when the doctor found the lump it hurt, it became quite painful when you touch it, that’s the point when I knew this is serious, when the doctor touched this little lump in my right breast, about the size of a pea, and I went bingo, I have cancer.”

The former America’s Next Top Model judge explained, “It’s still quite shocking. Today I got very scared… I just get very scared and it hit me.” The 61-year-old added, “But I am not gonna let that define me, the fear. I’m going to get through this, I’ll be just fine kiddo.”

She explained, “I don’t know what the doctors really told me because it goes in one ear out the other, that’s how I roll. I know that my fiancé is a doctor of the highest caliber, I have four specialists, I’ve been prodded and poked on the inside and out and I can tell you I’m very. very lucky.”

Janice, who recently accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault, joins a long list of women who have battled breast cancer, many of whom are survivors. Pam Grier was diagnosed in 1988, Diahann Carroll was given the news back in 1998, Robin Roberts, who was diagnosed in 2007 and Ruby Dee who was diagnosed in 1970.

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