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If you love Beyonce’s boobs, you and Jay Z aren’t the only ones. Apparently, Beyonce has another young little admirer.

Olivia Wilde stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres Show and revealed she and Jason Sudeikis’s 1-year-old son, Otis loves Beyonce’s bosoms. “His love for Beyonce has really hit a fever pitch, and I approve of course, but it’s intense,” Wilde told Ellen. “He is absolutely in love with her.”

So how did Otis’ admiration for the Queen Bey begin? According to Wilde, it was during a rough and restless flight that the little guy met Beyonce via headphones and iPad. “He was really taken, and he really zoned in on one in particular,” Wilde explained.

“The one, ‘Yonce’ — which is arguably the most sexually explicit video ever made — and he was like, ‘Yeah, yeah.’ And from that point on he called her ‘Beyonce boobies,’ which I think is great,” she said. “Because most people if you’re gonna call her — you call her, like, ‘Beyonce booty.'”

And not only does the toddler recognize when a Queen Bey beat drops, but he knows the singer by face. “Jason was at a Clippers game recently and has Otis there, and Beyonce walked in and was sitting very far away on the other side of the Staples Center, court side,” the actress told Ellen.

She added, “And Jason said, ‘Otis, do you see who that is?’ And he sat up and was like, ‘Beyonce, Beyonce!’ And he stood on Jason’s knees and just started going, ‘Beyonce!’ And all these people were like, ‘What is this two-year-old doing?'”

Per Wilde, who turned 32 on Thursday, the love her son has for the songstress runs so deep, that his 2nd birthday party this April will be Bey themed.

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