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Details regarding the knife found at O.J Simpson’s former estate are starting to unravel and law enforcement is speaking out.

On Friday morning, it was reported that a construction worker discovered a knife at O.J’s Rockingham home years ago and the possible piece of evidence is just now being turned in. HipHollywood talked exclusively with the Los Angeles Police Department and here are five things we can confirm:

1. The Los Angeles Police Department tells HipHollywood that a construction worker gave the knife to an off duty cop, who was working a movie set across the street at the time. The year in which this took place is still unknown.

2. Law enforcement recovered the knife just one month ago. Officials do believe that the former officer had been in possession of the blade for quite a while.

3. It is still unclear whether of not the officer will face criminal charges, or any other charges.

4. There is no way to confirm whether or not blood was on the knife. However, a full investigation, complete with DNA testing is being conducted.

5. Type of knife: TMZ initially reported that the blade uncovered was a folding buck knife, however, officials will not release that information because it will be “detrimental to the case.”

6. Next steps for investigators: Officials have asked for anybody who was connected to the item, or the person who gave to off duty officer to come forward. As for giving more information out, things will be kept confidential unless necessary.

According to officials, the double homicide case of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman is still open, so information moving forward will be handled very carefully. Apparently, if the possible weapon does point back to Simpson, who was acquitted of his ex-wife’s murder in 1995, he most likely will not be prosecuted because of double-jeopardy laws.

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