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Mike Epps is lending his support to fellow comedian Katt Williams. HipHollywood sat down with Epps about his new film Meet The Blacks and asked about his recent post on Instagram about Katt Williams.  “All of us is responsible, we all grown,” explained Epps who included himself in the argument. “But I just wanted to make a statement to say that it’s unfair that the media only glamorizes the bad stuff that we do versus the good stuff.”
On Monday morning Epps posted a story a man wrote on Facebook about Katt Williams donating $1000.00 to a woman after his recent show in Boston.
 Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 3.02.33 PM
Epps has now deleted the post but initially captioned it: “Free Katt Williams.” Williams has been arrested several times over the last month, and exhibited what some would call strange and erratic behavior, most recently punching a 7th grader in the face. To Epp’s point, what wasn’t reported was that Katt was actually in the projects giving out money when the incident took place.
So what do you think, has Katt Williams been unfairly demonized by the media, or does his bad deeds outweigh his good?

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