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Ten men were getting ready to bang a few boards at Smoothie King Center in New Orleans on Monday night when a little kid ran into the middle of the court.

During last night’s Knicks versus Pelicans game, a young Carmelo Anthony fan ran onto the court during a brief pause in the game just give the baller a hug. In the video, circulating social media this morning, the kid can be see darting onto the hardwood, jolting players from both teams.

After being shooed away, the little boy ran back to his seat and brushed by a woman, presumably his guardian, who slapped him upside the head.

“I was shocked. I didn’t really know who was it until I actually looked over and saw that it was a kid,” Anthony told reporters. “I think it was because he was a little kid, they just let him go. Definitely a security issue, though, for sure.”

But for all you Knicks fans out there, don’t get any ideas. In New York, the “Calvin Klein Law” prohibits fans from walking onto the court during a game or you’ll be slapped with an arrest and fines.

It’s still unclear if the guardian was cited, either way, the kid not only got his hug, but instantly became Insta famous.

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