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Stacey Loretta Dash, who is the modern version of Stephen from Django, claims that Donald Trump isn’t inciting violence at his rallies or condoning it. That claim is of course indisputably inaccurate but we’ll get back to that after this image.


“There’s a lot of talk about Donald Trump being violent, condoning it, or at least inciting it. But this is a total misread of our next President … he’s not responsible for what every random guy does — out of thousands,” Loretta erroneously pens on her Conservative blog.

What Dash knows deep down inside is that the only person to blame for violence at Donald Trump rallies is Donald Trump. The man who plans to lead America next February refuses to sternly admonish those who commit violent acts on his behalf and instead applauds them and offers to pay their legal fees.

Trump flames hostility towards Muslims, Mexicans, Black Lives Matter supporters and others with his incendiary hate speech. That in turn enables some of his followers to react violently whenever “other” is present at his rallies, “other” serving as a blanket term for non-White. This is just a quick rundown of some of the disturbing incidents that have gone down at Trump’s nationally televised Klan Meetings:

  •  Earlier this month, John McGraw sucker-punched Rakeem Jones during in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The thug later suggested that Jones might have to be killed because he might be a terrorist. During that same rally Trump stated, “See, in the good old days this didn’t use to happen, because they used to treat [protestors] very rough. We’ve become very weak.”
  • BLM supporter Mercutio Southall was attacked by several White Trump supporters at a rally in Las Vegas where he says he was called a “monkey” and “n*gger.” Trump’s response: “Maybe he should have been roughed up because it was absolutely disgusting what he was doing.”
  • Paula Muñoz, a 23-year-old Latino woman, was on hand to witness several Latino anti-Trump protestors get assaulted at a in Miami last year where Trump failed to intervene.
  • Shiya Nwanguma was pushed and shoved by several White Trump supporters during a rally in Louisville earlier this year after Trump told his supporters to get her out of the room.

Dash’s defense of violent acts instigated by Trump is not only a disservice to the Black community and the United States, it’s a disservice to herself. To applaud a man who calls on those who are different or disagreeable to be assaulted is very scary territory, even if it’s in your best financial interest to do so. After all, The Donald will need a Butler if he wins in November and we can all guess who already filled out their job application.


The King magazine booty model also writes in Trump’s defense that he is “street” just like her (LMAO), and that he only responds like a violent, xenophobic racist because that’s the way the streets raised him. In the same breath however, she argues that Trump isn’t street because of his privileged upbringing.

“… [Trump’s] not violent, he’s just ‘street.’  He was born in Queens. Of course, that doesn’t mean he was hustling on the street, dodging bullets. I know he had a privileged upbringing that no doubt isolated him from much of the violence and strife that some people grew up with in the city.”

OK, so he is street or is he not street? We’re confused or perhaps Dash is. Being a loud-mouth bully doesn’t make you street, it makes you immature and unfit to lead, but Dash isn’t paid by Fox News to be rational. On the contrary, the Clueless actress is paid to be controversial, defending and championing the second-coming of Idi Amin in the process.

“Actions have consequences. Rude people are not tolerated,” she finishes in perhaps her most baffling line. Donald’s actions or lack thereof, are what have led to violence at his rallies. And if rude people are not tolerated, then Trump should be disqualified from life, let alone the presidency. But again, Dash isn’t paid to be smart or honest, she’s paid to be a Black contrarian and she does a much better job at that than she ever did acting.

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