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It’s more than a slavery story, it’s an escape thriller that will leave you breathless!

The highly anticipated WGN America show Underground is set to premiere on March 9th and has everyone talking. Between the heart-racing previews and the timely, yet historical subject matter, Underground couldn’t have come at a better time.

Starring Aldis Hodge (Noah) and Jurnee Smollett-Bell (Rosalee), the story follows seven runaway slaves fighting towards freedom. But, this isn’t the “underground railroad” story you learned in elementary. This time around, director Anthony Hemingway was determine to tell a different story. “We were not afraid to take risks,” Hemingway revealed, “We wanted to find new approaches and look at something, even characters, story or from a cinematic point of view of trying to be different.”

What also may be different is the complicated and layered relationship between Noah (Hodges), who works the fields and Rosalee (Smollett-Bell), who works in the “Big House”. “Noah is naturally a loaner for most of his life, that’s what he understands,” Aldis explained. “When he meets Rosalee he encounters some emotions he’s never had before.”

Watch the story unfold when Underground premieres, Wednesday, March 9th on WGN America.

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