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Jason Derulo is an international pop star who has become known for his sensational top charting radio hits, his killer dance moves and his good looks. But now, the 26-year-old Florida native is ready for fans to see the other side: Raw and organic.

Jason has no intentions on leaving pop music behind, but the singer is currently focused on tapping into his r&b roots and delivering music much like his latest single, “Naked.”

“It was kind of perfect because it was like the introduction to this whole other side. It’s basically me airing out what I wanted to say, but this time I didn’t edit myself at all,” Jason told us exclusively while inside his Los Angeles pad. “I even say in the song ‘I’m faded, I’m faded, I usually don’t say sh*t, but I’m going to let all this sh*t out right now.'”

And speaking of naked, Jason channeled his inner D’Angelo in the video, wearing nothing but his birthday suit. “D’Angelo’s video for ‘Untitled’, it was a legendary video and I was totally inspired by it,” Jason revealed. “I wanted to bring it back to life in 2016 in a different way.”

The 26-year-old, who is currently dating model Daphne Joy, also added K. Michelle to video which he explained “gave the fellas something to look at.”

As for when you can hear more from the r&b crooner, the “Talk Dirty” singer will be releasing his mixtape just in time for summer. “This whole mixtape is just me airing out my feelings uncut, unedited, just raw,” he said.

Derulo added, “You’ll probably get to know me more than ever from the mix tape. I think people have no idea about a whole 50% of me, they know literally one half. Just by listening to a couple songs alone you’ll instantly go ‘oh sh*t, I get it.'”

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