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Jason Derulo truly lives like a King.

The singer recently invited HipHollywood into his ultra lavish home in Los Angeles and was the epitome of hospitable. While inside the singer’s sexy bachelor pad, Jason showed us exactly where all the magic happens. From the living room to the backyard, Derulo opened up to us about the inspiration behind his grand home.

The castle inspired pad is complete with seven bars, a basketball court, studio and outside televisions surrounding the pool area. And fit for royalty, the staircase is lined with red carpet, a design aesthetic Jason implemented during his frequent visits to the W Hotel. “I used to stay at the W Hotel a lot and I remember going in everyday and it kind of become my home. I wanted to have that red carpet in the crib to remind me where I came from.”

As for what is situated at the top of the staircase, the 26-year-old’s opulent bedroom. “There’s some sh*t,” he said of his resting area. “A round bed, a couple (faux) furs as sheets, white carpet, movie theater style television with a projector, alligator marble tile, gold shower, bathtub with a 72 inch screen TV on top of it.” he listed off.

And then, the singer laid it on us. There’s a “mirror above the bathtub,” just in case “there’s some soap on your nose, make sure you washing the right places.” Yeah … ok, Jason.

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