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Comedian Donnell Rawlings is going all Buddha on folks after he was recorded this past weekend fighting with restaurant staff over an unpaid check. A smart phone’s camera was rolling as the Chapelle Show star was knocked to the ground by an employee of Little Pete’s diner in Philadelphia.

A manager is also in the clip admonishing the jokester for acting aggressively towards her after being asked to pay his bill and leave. Rawlings took the high road on Monday, posting this message:

“That moment when real people know your character, know what you stand for, and what you won’t stand for. I won’t sh*t on Philly because I know I every city no matter how pretty, there will be ugly people. I’m staying focused and will continue to bring laughter to my fans and most importantly going hard for my family,” he posted on Instagram.

A witness claims Rawlings tried to skip out on a $12 bill, an allegation he shot down on Twitter.

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