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Don Juan is spilling the REAL tea about his altercation with Porsha Williams and Phaedra Parks on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and it’s piping hot. HipHollywood caught up with Kandi Burruss’ business partner at the premiere for BET’s Chasing Destiny, and according to him a lot was left out of the episode, making him look like he overreacted.

According to Don Juan, the episode didn’t show Parks and Williams trash talking Demetria McKinney and Burruss’ music video at the release party, and them making extra shady remarks about Todd Tucker’s finances.  “I was a little pissed that they cut out what made me so upset,” explained Don Juan. “There were things said about Demetria and the video, how she was dancing … They didn’t go as hard on Kandi, but there were some things said about the project as a whole.”

If you watched the episode, it seemed Phaedra and Porsha were just discussing the disagreement Parks had with Tucker about her workout video when he incited an argument, but according to Don Juan, they were being a lot more shady. “They said more about Todd and Kandi, and said [Todd] was looking for money. It was more of the personal stuff that made me go off. I was like don’t do that here, you can have your opinion, I’m cool with that, but don’t do that here.”

Since the episode aired, Don Juan said that he and Williams have talked and squashed their beef. As for Phaedra, he still believes she’s not a good friend to Kandi and she should cut it off. “That’s her friend if she wants to stick by it that’s cool, I would cut it off.”


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