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Imani Cezanne is making headlines this morning after claiming that she was escorted off of a domestic flight because staff felt threatened by her. Imani is adamant that she was booted from the American Airlines flight from Charlotte to Atlanta because of her skin color.

Cezanne explains that before take-off she noticed a flight attendant making two people leave an emergency exit row. When she inquired about the passengers being moved, the AA employee explained that the passengers didn’t speak English and were not allowed to sit in the exit row. That’s when, at least according to Cezanne, things turned ugly.

She goes on to recount being escorted off the plane by two armed caucasian male officers. “I have never believed so strongly that I could die at any moment,” she added.

As far as we know, Black people are allowed on American Airlines flights so this seems to be an isolated spat between a passenger and flight attendant. Regardless, Cezanne says she is planning on suing the airline.

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