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It looks like Angela Bassett has director Antoine Fuqua to thank for her role in the new action flick London Has Fallen. According to Bassett when Fuqua directed the film’s prequel Olympus Has Fallen, he decided to go against the grain and cast an African American woman to play the role of the Head of Secret Service instead of  a white male actor.
Bassett told HipHollywood that what made the casting decision so extraordinary was that in real life the White House had never had a woman head of Secret Service, until 2013 when President Obama appointed Julia Pearson, to the position.
“At the time we made Olympus Has Fallen there had never been a female head of secret service, but then there was one appointed just right after our movie. So we felt ahead of the curve,” she said with a big smile. “But we were just smarter about it, being diverse and inclusive and opening it up, so big props to Antoine.”
Fuqua didn’t return to direct London Has Fallen, but Aaron Eckhart who plays President Asher, Gerard Butler who plays Secret Agent Banning and Morgan Freeman who plays Vice President Trumbell, all reprise their roles. Check out what they had to say in the video above!

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