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Apparently, Yo Gotti was very serious when he said he had a crush on Angela Simmons — and now he’s taking his puppy love one step further.

In his song “Down In The DM” Gotti proudly confesses that he would love to get with Angela Simmons, but guys say things in songs all the time … it doesn’t mean they mean it in real life. Well, now the rapper is proving his love with a public plea for Angela’s heart.

While on “The Real” Gotti opened up and gave a personal, heartfelt message to Simmons. “Yo, yo, yo. Aye yo what’s poppin’ Angela, this yo boy Yo Gotti. You know what it is. I feel like you’re a “BB”. You’re a boss and a beauty, so I need you on the team.” In case you didn’t know, that’s the new 2016 way to ask someone to be your one and only.

Yo also went on to explain what he loves about Rev Run’s daughter. “I just think you know, I come from a certain culture in the street. And I always liked the good girls, you know what I’m saying.”

Your move, Angela!

Take a look at Gotti’s interview on “The Real” below and catch the episode when it airs today, February 24th.

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