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Tamera Mowry attended a few Oscar parties on Sunday night and stunned in an electric blue Gucci gown, paired with Kimberly McDonald Fine Jewelry. Excited about her night out, the beauty posted photos of her evening wear on Instagram, which sadly, prompted conversation about the former Sister Sister star’s body.

Questions of whether or not The Real host is pregnant and comments about possible weight gain flooded the star’s Instagram timeline, something that Mowry was not pleased to read. So, the 37-year-old addressed the haters and suggested that she “doesn’t look fat” and that “I do not expect to look like I did pre 2nd baby right now.”

In the post, the mother of two explained, “I have chosen to be a present mom enjoying my work and life right now. However, people are so insensitive and accustomed to what celebrities should look like at all times.”

Tamara added that she is “one of those average moms who loses my baby weight in a healthy natural matter. I refuse to live according to your weight standards that you don’t even go by yourself.”

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Tamera is a proud mother to 7-month old Ariah Talea Housley and 3-year-old, Aden John Tanner Housley.

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