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Solange is clapping back at New York Times music critic Jon Caramanica over comments he directed at her back in 2013 after she blasted his review of Brandy’s Two Eleven album. At the time, Solange tweeted that entertainment blogs should hire writers versed in R&B and Hip-Hop to write about the genres, not just folks with Ivy league backgrounds.

Those comments prompted Caramanica to respond in a podcast by saying that Solange was biting the hand that feeds her since her career skyrocketed after music blogs began covering r&b artists more. “The only reason that Solange’s success this past year has even been a thing is only because of these same people that she’s lambasting, like there would be no Solange record if the dude from Grizzly Bear didn’t put it out. There would be no Solange interests if all of a sudden people that have not historically been interested in r&b hadn’t decided to pay attention to Miguel and The Weeknd and Drake. So you know, first of all, let’s talk about biting the hand that feeds you. If I was Solange, I would be a little bit worried about that.”

On Wednesday night, three years after their initial spat, Solange decided to continue the conversation by launching into a poignant social diatribe ripping Caramanica over his commentary.

Caramanica is yet to respond.

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